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Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Episode: Punishment by Rohan: Videos

Colors TV aired Bigg Boss 10 reality show reached to the new level of Excitement where the Rohan Captain giving Punishment to some of the Nominated Contestants. Have a Look at the Latest Video Sneak Peeks of Bigg Boss 10 on Colors. Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Full Episode Download on Official Voot Website.


Tonight, Bigg Boss asks Captain Rohan to nominate 4 contestants who didn’t perform up to the mark in the BB Gold Mine task. First name that Rohan takes is Swami Om. Swami Om is angry and he feels that Rohan has betrayed him. He believes that Rohan has become the Captain because of his vote but to his shock, Rohan doesn’t think so. Further, Swami Om threatens that he will stop eating.

However, Gaurav intervenes saying that Swami Om shouldn’t play politics. This irks Swami Om all the more and he starts accusing Gaurav as well. He says, ‘Chugalkhori karna tumhara kaam hai!’ Gaurav tells him that there’s no Mahabharat going on here, to which Swami Om replies saying, ‘Yahan Mahabharat hi ho rahi hai!’

Tonight Swami Om seems to be taking things too far. He feels betrayed as Rohan nominates him for the punishment. He holds a grudge and says nasty things about him. Despite repeated requests from housemates he continues with his ranting.

Bani goes to an extent of saying that she feels unsafe with Swami Om around and he should be either put in the jail in seclusion or removed from the house. She adds that she cannot sleep peacefully with Swami Om around. Manu says that he is mad. He further explains that everyone is fighting but things return to normal in some time. However, Swami Om is holding grudges. Manu also adds that he is feeling scared. Rohan says that his behavior cannot be taken lightly.

Eventually, Manu and Monalisa discuss that Swami Om should have been boycotted by the housemates long time ago as suggested by Manu. Both are also disappointed that celebrities are taking a stand about Swami Om quite late. They should have spoken up earlier.

Rohan nominates four housemates for the punishment by Bigg Boss tonight. They are Monalisa, Swami Om, Nitibha and Lopamudra. Bigg Boss has kept cards with names of things on it and the punishment will be related to that object. Rohan has to pick one of the nominated contestants for each punishment. The first card has the word ‘Stretcher’ and the punishment is that the selected contestant has to sleep on the stretcher until next instructions by Bigg Boss. Rohan chooses Swami Om for this punishment.

Needless to say that Swami Om, who is already upset about getting nominated for punishment, is further irritated by this. He starts with calling Rohan ‘Ehsaan-Faramosh’ and goes on to saying some rather nasty things about him. Housemates try to pacify him and request him not to use such language. However, Swami Om wouldn’t budge. He tops all his comments with a ‘Rohan Murdabad’ naara and leaves everyone speechless.

However, he has no choice but to abide by the rules and accept the punishment of lying on the stretcher till next instructions from Bigg Boss. How will Swami Om avenge this?

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